We offer access to an intelligent blend of the world’s best cancer therapies.

That is why most new patients say, I only wish I found you sooner.” 
Take a 
clue from them and invest some time exploring our globally unique service. 

Welcome, I’m Grace Gawler, Cancer Navigator & Nutritional Adviser. My institute was founded to provide Patient Advocacy & Long-Term Cancer Management Strategies via our unique Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Packages. 

Navigate the Cancer Maze with us & benefit from my 43 years of diverse cancer service… 


Grace says, “I’ve helped many patients who were lost in complex cancer mazes. e.g. the medical maze, alternative medicine maze, nutritional & supplement maze, conventional treatment maze, emotional maze & immune therapies maze.”


Having assisted patients with life extension & life quality for decades, I invite you to explore my proven survivor ship packages – 1. Survive & Thrive, 2. Maintenance & Monitoring,
3. Restore Health Restoration after Cancer.

Defining Our New Culture of Cancer Survivorship:
In short; we provide Boutique Cancer Care & Navigation Services in an age of Modern Assembly-Line Medicine 

History: Grace Gawler has made it her life mission to create a bespoke – personalised cancer care & navigation service.

During her 43 years in the field, Grace has seen patient-focused care replaced by modern assembly-line cancer medicine. 

With this in mind, our Survive & Thrive Cancer Navigation Packages are specifically designed to help patients who have fallen through the gaps in the ‘corporate’ medical approach.

One-Stop-Survivorship-Shop: If you are newly diagnosed or a long-term patient, we have the breadth & depth of experience to help you. 

Via our global medical networks we can help you access some of the best medical & scientific knowledge available in the world today & guide you through the process.


Skype ConsultationsThe Benefits of Cancer Navigation:

The cancer navigator will assist you in creating a Survivorship Care Plan as a part of our Survive & Thrive Navigation Package.

Patients find that stress is significantly reduced by joining our Cancer Navigation Community. No longer alone; we help patients make informed life preserving decisions.

We help you avoid the many scams & pitfalls promoted by cancer bloggers & entrepreneurs.

Patients can leverage from our strong & trusted oncology collegiate relationships for second opinions, referrals & treatments such as cell-based immune therapy.

We help you build a collaborative & communicative team – who are informed & updated regularly – an important ingredient in your health restoration & recovery.

We help you manage side effects of chemo & radiation. We advise re targeted nutritionals & botanicals; prescribing only those not contraindicated with conventional cancer treatments.

More information about the benefits of being a navigated patient – here. 

Singapore Airport: A happy healthy Grace poses in front of news stand showing article about her surgery

“Overseas treatments saved my life.”says Grace Gawler

I’ve had 6 life-saving, life-extending surgeries overseas. Therefore when I refer patients for overseas treatments I can relate to them from my own experience. 

In all, I had 23 surgical procedures; including 6 life-saving surgeries in the Netherlands & Singapore.

Discouraged by Australian specialists, I chose to undergo a world first experimental surgery in The Netherlands (2002/3). It is still not available in Australia.

Grace Gawler BBC UK Interview – Attitudinal Strategies for Survival – click here

Introducing your Personal Cancer Navigator, Grace Gawler:

A cancer navigator is entrusted with your life. They must have credibility, qualifications, experience and longevity assisting cancer patients in navigating the cancer maze. By now you’ll know I have 4+ decades of multi-disciplinary cancer experience. Using the model I developed, I guide, monitor & manage patients helping them to develop a personalised survivor-ship care plan.

Survivorship:  Our aim is to help patients become long term survivors. Survivorship may not always be about finding a cure, although some of my patients do. For many patients, my role is to help them manage their cancer as a long-term chronic disease. This is the new and realistic approach to treating cancer.

Background: In the early 80s, I co-founded the first breast cancer support groups in Australia, then pioneered residential programs for cancer patients. Other experiences include 22 yrs as a caregiver to a cancer amputee, then co-director of 2 cancer charities. I’m an international speaker & author of 4 cancer related books. A solid background in veterinary surgical work led on to training qualifications with distinctions in nutrition, herbal medicine, & naturopathy. This was followed by courses in counselling, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, psycho-oncology, Rubenfeld Synergy (USA) and more…

More about my background – click here 

INSPIRING SURVIVOR STORIES - We referred 16 of our STAGE IV patients for personalised cancer vaccines & other hi-tech treatments overseas. THEIR OUTCOMES ARE EXCEPTIONAL.


Many of the specialists in Grace’s global cancer network are leaders in their fields & have been carefully chosen for their skill and professionalism.  Such medical networks are built on earned trust. Their respect for Grace’s knowledge & commitment to her patients forms the basis for ongoing collaborations.

Our specialists include – a leading USA brain surgeon, the Asian founder of immune therapy, a renowned Singaporean colorectal surgeon, an acclaimed German interventional radiologist, a Japanese proton beam specialist & so many more.  


The following topics may be life-saving or life-extending for patients with late-stage, difficult or rare cancers

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Cancer Nutrition: In 43 yrs at the cancer coalface I’ve refined a science-based approach for personalised prescribing of nutritionals, botanicals & other complementary medicines.
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Cancer Patients without Borders – untreatable cancers in one country may be treatable in another. We refer you to overseas cancer experts & providing guidance+.
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