Cancer treatments are not equal worldwide  – a patient with a palliative prognosis in one country may be treatable, even curable in another.

We believe a person’s location should not limit the quality of their cancer care.

Being prepared to travel, can literally make the difference between life and death.

With a firm belief patients deserve nothing but the best; our experienced Cancer Navigator, Grace Gawler, made it her mission to create a bespoke service to help patients access some of the world’s most exceptional cancer practitioners. 

Global Medical Network: During 30 years referring patients overseas for highly effective cancer solutions, Grace has assembled a network of globally acclaimed cancer specialists. 

Close collaboration with her global network ensures viable treatments are often found for patients told by their hospitals – “there is nothing more we can do.


As a new patient to this site you would be justified to ponder the credibility of our claims. Please consider the following…

The specialists in Grace’s global network deeply respect her dedication, thoroughness & compassion for her patients. This forms the basis for their close collaboration.

World leaders & innovators in their field; our specialists include – a leading USA brain surgeon, the Asian founder of immune therapy, a renowned Singaporean colorectal surgeon, an acclaimed German interventional  radiologist, a Japanese proton beam specialist & many more.
The formation/management of the network provides testimonial to Grace’s skill.  

In short… your Expert Cancer Navigator (Grace Gawler) helps you access some of the best medical minds in the world.

This ensures you get the right diagnosis, treatment & information – crucial elements when facing a diagnosis of cancer – especially a rare or difficult to treat cancer. 

Global Cancer Navigation Package:

To help patients access quality targeted care; we developed our cancer navigation package – a bundle of expert services including research, support, diagnostics, medical & nutritional.  

The bundle ensures continuity of care while we  collaborate & coordinate your offshore treatments providing advice & support every step of the way.

Better than a second opinion:

We, refer you to a world-certified genomic laboratory. The findings are discussed with medical experts  experienced in your condition. 

Collating & assessing the evidence, your navigator will then provide you with an in-depth analysis of your case.

It’s like a second opinion, only much better! 

Why Grace helps patients access overseas treatments?

Personal Experience: Grace knows what it’s like to be a patient with a life-challenging condition having fallen through gaps in the medical system. 

In December 1997, she awoke after routine surgery to discover that her rectum was paralysed.

This unexpected event was to change her life drastically.

Many mis-diagnoses and surgeries followed. Ileostomies, colostomies and removal of damaged and impacted colon were band-aid treatments that bought time; but her long term prognosis was grim 

In 2002-03, with just one Australian physician supporting her decision to seek an experimental treatment developed in the Netherlands, (15 others were not in favour); she left Australian to seek her optimum recovery.

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Her experimental surgery involved a long stay in Rotterdam.

The procedure involved surgically implanting a bionic device and electrodes in her lower back and buttock; designed to mimic the nerve supply that no longer functioned.

Not tried before for her condition, it was successful and a world first! Every day her device still pulses at 6 volts and is responsible for Grace getting her life back; ending those years of colon surgeries and failing ileostomy procedures.

Replacement surgeries are ongoing. The battery operated device needs to be replaced approximately every 3-4 years. So far Grace has undergone 23 surgical procedure since 1997.

The procedure is now performed in Singapore, but still not available in Australia.

Helping Patients Navigate the National & International Cancer Maze:

With Grace’s successful overseas treatment history, it is not surprising that one of the Institute’s key initiatives involves helping patients find valid medical solutions overseas when solution are not  available in their home country.

The need: When it comes to cancer treatments, not all countries are equal – some proven treatments and procedures may be registered for use in some countries – but not others.

Sometimes, life-saving cancer medicines can be accessed years before they reach your home country – often at reduced prices.

We believe that life is precious and that well-being & good life quality is the right of all cancer patients as it is their right to explore all possible options to extend their life with good quality.

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We are committed to assist cancer patients to navigate the complex international cancer treatment maze with support and guidance. 

New Technologies: Over the Decades we have developed close collaborations with experts in many medical fields worldwide.

As well we have embraced the highest levels of medical science and technology including advanced genomic testing and monitoring tools.

Our medical oncology colleagues can also assist with providing access to targeted treatments as recommended by precision medicine diagnostics. In terms of state of the art treatments; we enlist our international experts to provide you with treatment opinions, not available in your home country.

We can assist with referrals to (cell-based) Immune Therapy Centres, Proton beam and Cyber-knife centres located in Asia; treatment options not available in Australia.

The Grace Gawler Institute Global Cancer Navigation Service: 

More than a mere referral service, we offer comprehensive & personalised guidance & management at every step of the way. 

We are always there for you – whether you are at home or overseas for treatment – we are available via Skype video call and SMS and various email systems. 

Our globally unique service sets the benchmark cancer patient care & is based on our founder, Grace Gawler’s 43 years’ experience helping cancer patients. 

No Bias: Importantly we receive no financial remuneration from the hospitals/experts we refer you to for an opinion – the only remuneration we receive is from you, the patient on a fee for service basis.

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Understanding Precision Medicine & the Genomic Era: 

We help our patients access Precision Medicine – targeted, minimally invasive treatments, not yet routinely available in most hospitals:

Genomic diagnostic and screening tests can accurately identify targeted treatments for cancer patients. 

The tests lay the foundation for precision medicine, also called personalised or targeted medicine.

As a bonus: pharmacogenomic tests can determine whether the patient can metabolise (digest/absorb) the identified target treatment successfully.

These two tests have revolutionised cancer medicine with targeted treatments achieving better outcomes with minimal side effects.

Who are we? Why are we so ideally positioned to help you?

I’m Grace Gawler, cancer navigator, patient advocate & long-term cancer management strategist. My husband and I, Pip Cornall, are directors of the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer solutions – a health promotion Charity in Australia.

Overseas referrals: For 3 decades I have referred patients overseas for high-tech cancer treatments which, in recent years, includes highly effective blood-based immune therapy with minimal side effects. See 14 related Testimonials

It’s rewarding but complex work requiring a close relationship between doctors, patient, their families and myself. One reason for our high success rate is that our organisation is small – enabling me to apply and meticulous approach to every patient. In this way mistakes are minimised and outcomes are optimised.

My 43 years’ experience: 18,000+ cancer patients, caregiver for cancer patient (22 yrs), co-director 2 cancer charities (20 yrs), international speaker, author of 4 cancer books.

As you may have read above, I’ve had 6 life-extending overseas surgeries: Netherlands (2002/3/), Singapore (2009/14). I am now colostomy/ileostomy bag free thanks to my bionic colon device. It was a world first; however please note; my Australian doctors had unanimously discouraged me from trying.

Targeted Botanicals and Precision Wellness.

I can also support your cancer treatments with coordinated-targeted botanicals, (when appropriate). This requires an in-depth knowledge of herb-medical drug, food-drug and other interactions – one of my strengths.

Most nutritionals and botanicals taken by cancer patients are not beneficial and many are harmful. This depends on the individuality of the patient and their disease.
Our health restoration after cancer package helps you maintain gains from your overseas treatments, minimise risk of recurrence, contribute to longevity & well-being.

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